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Michelle Wild Biography Photo Michelle Wild Biography
Born: 1/16/1980
Aliases: Michelle Wilde

Born: January 16, 1980 in Budapest (Satoraljaujhely), Hungary
AKA: Vad "Wild" Katalin
Resides now in: North Hollywood, California
Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (170cm) Weight: 118 lbs. (53kg)
Hair: Deep Brown
Eyes: Blue
Measurements: 26" Waist - 36" hips
Breasts: 34D

Michelle Wild (born Katalin Vad January 16, 1980 in Budapest, Hungary) is an erotic actress from Eastern Europe who worked for Private Media Group (international) and LUXX Video (Hungary).

Adult Actress extraordinaire set for timeless popularity, this tigress from the cold-lands warms up one and all with her vigorous vixen grinding action. Not long after her graduation from Kossuth Lajos Gymnasium high school in 1999, Michelle was employed into the seductive realm of operating phone sex entertainment lines in her hometown. She took on working nights at a strip club a few miles away waiting tables and erotic dancing soon built her quite a following.

Michelle Wild was once a phone sex operator and erotic dancer, naturally leading her involvement in the adult film industry. Her first adult film Sex Opera was shot in 2001 and since then she has almost exclusively worked for the company Private and the director Kovi, producing adult films. She won a best actress award at the 2003 Brussels erotic festival.

In the same year, private films produced a semi-documentary style adult film titled The Private Life of Michelle Wild. The film featured snippets of Michelle speaking about her desires, interspersed with scenes from her previous films; "Crack Her Jack #01" sends us screaming down Michelle, Sandy, Jennifer and Angelica?s super stuffed doubled up DP and "brown-eye" popping adventures from the evil empire.

Michelle?s first film Sex Opera in 2001 was an instant hit, and became a must show for International Private Media Group and Hungarian based LUXX VIDEO. Her favorite directors to work with were Istv?"Kovi" Kov?, John Leslie and Rocco Siffredi.

Michelle and 5 of her top heavy friends showed us a mammoth display of juggs in "Big Natural Tits #08". Letting it all hang out showing a masterful arrangement of Anal, DP, 3-Way and cock handling with co star Christoph Clark.
"Big Natural Tits # 09" Michelle revs up the Wild one with a steamy sex plowing from Frenchman Christoph Clark as she takes it in the tushie, performing ever so "analiciously".

DP and Anal were a true specialty of Michelle and strong set costars she chose. "Slam it in every hole", "Decadence", "Wife Lover Whore", "Brides and Bitches", are of a few great examples to the ever erotic performances that set us screaming for more.

It was extremely tough to find one that didn't fall under this seductresses spell. Known not only for her knock out great looks and warming smile this charmer has a brilliant mind, spoke of by many that took the opportunity to make her acquaintance.

An endless energy of exhibit Michelle shook the Adult film industry at age 21 and has since blazed a path of over 72 films and features. In parallel with the adult film career Michelle impressed the crossover crowd and showed a great popularity in Eastern European mainstream media.

Michelle developed a journalistic flare with a column regular spot in FHM men's magazine, setting up a near cult like following carrying over into her co-host gig on late night tantalizing talk radio. While firing up the radio airwaves Michelle met her future hubby, as he was a guest on her late night show.

As time and wisdom would eventually win over for this beauty, she gracefully bowed out of mainstream adult related film and entertainment of the gentlemen's club scene in late 2005.

Now one can catch this media attraction starring as nurse Ivett Janovics in a popular hit soap opera not unlike Grey's Anatomy or ER called Job an Rosszban ("Good Times, Bad Times") on TV2 in Hungary. This role has brought her talent out to many other adoring fans, as she misses the glow and attention of the adult world. Michelle states she does not intend to return to porn as an outlet for her talents, rather seeks the family paced normalcy of "small town" celebrity life.

Michelle and her husband are enjoying life with their daughter Malna Vad Horvath.

She has won many acclaims in her adult film career, even leaving her fans with a private flick from her titled "The Private Life of Michelle Wild". Michelle won a best actress award in 2003 at the Brussels Erotic Festival.

April 1 2008 Michelle Wild Interview:
It was a pleasure to watch you at work, you certainly had the guys gasping for more. Do you like to have them eating out of your hand?
Michelle Wild: Oh yes, canít you tell Iím really a very wicked girl!

Maybe you can tell us how you got started in the adult industry?
MW: Yes, sure. I really just wanted to check it out, I was already working as a striptease dancer you see, and I found I had so much fun that I really liked it and now I can't stop.

And do you dedicate yourself fulltime to adult movies or do you do other things?
MW: No, this is a full time job for me because you know I want to do it with the maximum energy possible. I take a pride in giving the viewer the hottest performance I can! And of course after doing this anything else would just seem boring.

I believe that you have also done fetish, do you enjoy that as well?
MW: Yes, all that leather and latex make me horny as hell. I would like to do more.

And do you find it difficult knowing that you will be watched by thousands of people when you fuck?
MW: That's no problem at all for me, in fact it often makes me more adventurous.

Have you ever had an orgasm during shooting?
MW: Yes, and it was with a girl, but I'm not saying any more!

Has your perception of sex changed since you started working in the porn industry?
MW: Yes, a bit. I tend to search for love as well as sex now, and not just sex. I get enough hard shagging on the set.

And what sort of sex do you like in your private life?
MW: I like all kinds, with a girl or a boy, or with two boys if they are friendly! Two cocks can give me double the sensation if they are used well!

What is your favourite thing in sex?
MW: The fact that it can start with an eye movement, and finish with tears of joy.

What is your wildest fantasy?
MW: I would like to spend a night with a girl and two bisexual guys, a completely uninhibited anything goes.

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